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Trans Aero Ltd, also known as Trans Aero LTD Helicopter Services is authorized to do business under FAR 135, 133, 137. The main focus of the company includes government contracts, wild land fire fighting, and oil and gas exploration. The Trans Aero LTD helicopters are designed for hot/high temperatures and altitudes, transporting material externally with highly skilled vertical reference pilots. Other missions include passenger carrying, power pole setting, air conditioner sets, photography flights, mining support and core and conventional drilling. Trans Aero LTD Helicopters' corporate office is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming and our main base of operations is in Loveland, Colorado. We do a lot of work in the Rocky Mountain region, but also all across the nation.

In 2016, Trans Aero partnered with EMSRx to form Trans Aero MedEvac, an air medical transport company dedicated to bringing a quality focus back to air medicine.

For information on Trans Aero MedEvac, please visit our website.

Trans Aero LTD Helicopters are capable of flying missions anywhere in the United States or the world.


Mr. Kevin Shields, President

Kevin Shields has 38 years of aviation maintenance experience, with 33 years in a management role in support of helicopter maintenance and flight operations. Kevin has established two FAA Repair Stations and has previously held the positions of Mechanic, Shop Foreman, Chief Inspector, General Manager, and Vice President. He currently serves as President of Trans Aero Ltd. Kevin holds an FAA mechanic certificate and has in the past held IA and ODAR certificates.

Mr. Matthew Goertz, Director of Operations

Matthew Goertz is a commercial helicopter pilot with instrument, CFI, and CFII ratings, as well as over 12 years of commercial experience. His previous experience includes: FAR 135/133 operations, animal census, animal capture, firefighting, offshore, SAR, seismic, and tour operations. He is currently qualified as a Short-Haul pilot for the DOI. Matthew has previously served as a Check Airman/Instructor, and Chief Pilot.

Ms. Elizabeth Benson, Director of Safety

Elizabeth Benson has been a commercial pilot for 13 years, with CFI as well as CFII ratings. Her previous experience includes tour operations, seismic, fire, and powerline patrol. She received a Bachelor of Science from Embry Riddle in Aeronautics with a minor in Aviation Safety

Mr. Christopher Tuman, Chief Pilot

Christopher Tuman is a commercial helicopter pilot with instrument and CFI ratings. Christopher has over 20 years of commercial aviation experience including Tours, Electronic News Gathering, Firefighting, and Helicopter Air Ambulance. He has over 10 years of management experience and has held previous Chief Pilot and Assistant Chief Pilot positions. Christopher has previously served Trans Aero as a HAA Base lead pilot and Check Airman/Instructor.

Mr. Dennis Cleaves, Director of Maintenance

Dennis Cleaves has 39 years of aviation experience working in several market segments, including: Eurocopter Technical Representative, Eurocopter Director of Technical Support and Director of Maintenance for a large EMS operation. Dennis is a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Dennis is inspired daily by his wife and children. In his free time, Dennis like to restore old cars and ride ATVs with his 7 grandkids.

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Our Staff

The Trans Aero LTD pilots are highly skilled professionals with many hours of external load operations. Most are USFS/DOI carded. Our pilots' experience includes fire fighting, seismic oil and gas exploration, power line patrol, heli-drilling, and construction of various types. Seismic pilots are proficient in the use of the Kodiak system and bag runner.

The Trans Aero LTD mechanics average over 5 years of maintenance experience on the type of aircraft operated by Trans Aero LTD. All are A&P’s, are USFS/DOI carded, and are CDL qualified to drive our support equipment.

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