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Aerial Survey/Filming

Transmission line, Oil & Gas line inspection and Survey with the Cineflex Camera System

High Definition frame grab for detailed inspection.

TransAero LTD, in partnership with Aerial Filmworks, offers geo-referenced pipeline and transmission line surveys with the newest gyro-stabilized Cineflex camera systems. With the GEO1 hardware, we can deliver real-time data overlays on HD video with GPS coordinates, date and time stamps, and altitude/groundspeed/heading information. HD video frame grabs can be used for detailed inspection. The newest Cineflex Elite system can simultaneously record high-resolution 1080p video and a new RAW format capable of exporting 5 megapixel still frames.

The full 5-axis stabilization of the Cineflex system delivers high-definition video from safer altitudes outside of the “wire environment” in all weather conditions. When pipelines or transmission lines go through neighborhoods or cities, the aircraft can fly a higher altitude for noise abatement and safe operations.

Embedded GPS data.

Real time data overlays.

GEO Referencing, Coding, and Google Earth Services

Aerial Filmworks offers a variety of geo-coding, geo-referencing and Google Earth services. From basic mapping of images to complex Google Earth tours, they have solutions to add value to their clients' projects.


Potential applications include: facility tours, location maps, land & resource management,
accessibility requirements, public information, and museum displays.

Production Filming and Still Photography

Trans Aero LTD and Aerial Filmworks provide high quality, safe helicopters captained by experienced helicopter pilots, full-time camera operators, and the gyro-stabilized Cineflex HD camera systems for entertainment, advertising, and corporate clients. The Cineflex provides amazingly smooth aerial video footage. Our extensive helicopter filming experience, in combination with Aerial Filmworks in-house Cineflex camera operators, tech support, and years of location work, deliver successful projects in extreme environments.

Ron Chapple is an accomplished aerial photographer with 25 years of helicopter experience. Need both images and footage? We can “double-team” an aerial production by having both the Cineflex HD camera operator and a photographer in the aircraft. In addition, we offer extensive aerial services to geo-code every image with GPS coordinates and deliver Google Earth KML files or custom map web pages.